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Through two near death experiences Mas Sajady has been gifted with astonishing healing abilities. Akin to famous healers throughout history very few have achieved these miraculous levels. Thousands have benefitted from this natural phenomenon, in their health, relationships, financial and spiritual arenas of life. Mas will infuse within you a method that really works. The Mas Method goes far beyond the latest craze in self help and spiritually to get tangible, rapid results for you. Get instilled with the Pure and awaken your internal "GPS" to automatically and effortlessly be guided towards a fulfilling life that you truly enjoy. 

Are you ready to infuse the ingredients of success for an abundant life?

Feb. 2014 - Special Offers A

21-Day Medi-Healing Intensive

21-Day Medi-Healing Intensive (LIVE)

21 Daily Medi-Healing: 21+ minutes AM & PM, twice per day for 21 days of Meditation + Healing

Retail value: $1,200 one session/day
Attend both sessions with no additional charge

Immerse yourself into the Pure connection by joining Mas for 21+ minutes a day for 21 days of Medihealing. Medihealing is combining the powers of meditation with the healing powers of the core essence to supercharge you into higher frequencies. At these higher frequencies you benefit by automatically tapping into the unlimited abundance of the universal energy in any area of your life. Any blocks or resistance that you may have naturally peel away at these heightened frequencies. 21 days is the optimum time needed to make massive change of any habit and to infuse the ingredients of success in any area of your life. Whether you are a seasoned meditator or a newbie the meditation experience given by Mas is quite different than any other you may be used to. Imagine getting on the right path that will lead you to the life you've always desired with this 21 day intensive.

Details for connecting to the teleseminar will be included after purchase. Sessions are held everyday 9:30 am and pm CST. Recordings for playback with the same healing powers are available if you cannot make the specified times.

25% Off - One Industrial-Strength Group Healing Session (LIVE)

One-30 minute group Medi-Healing with 5+ minutes of a private one on one session within the group

Retail value: $85

Get the power of a group medi-healing integrated with an individualized one on one private session with Mas in this industrial-strength 1/2 hour session. 

Limited to only 5 individuals. You receive the potent effect of group consciousness which is what makes group healing, group prayers, mastermind principals so powerful. In this 1/2 hour get introduced to the Mas Method and how it can effortlessly transform your life. Then Mas will guide you to connecting to the Pure source. The opening of this connection has transformed lives beyond belief. The Pure Source will guide you automatically into bringing abundance in all areas of your life which is an inherent right for all of us. Stay immersed in the beautiful healing frequencies of the Pure as you await a 5 minute private session within the group consciousness. This is a one on one extensive 5 minute private healing session with Mas. (No one else can hear what is discussed). Mas will integrate the healing frequencies of the Pure to focus in on root causes of why your life is not going the way it should and to "reprogram them for miraculous results. To "Reprogram" at the spirit level has been reached by few, Mas being one of them. This is why so many have had rapid results in reprogramming, redesigning, reenergizing their lives. Many have reported amazing results from the group and private sessions now you can get the combined power of both for even more benefits. Because of the powerful effects please schedule your session only if you are ready for massive change and are ready to take responsibility for your life.

Detailed instructions on how to schedule your session as well as a coupon code will be provided to you upon purchase. There will be multiple session times available to fit your schedule.

Two 30-Minute Group Healing (LIVE)

In this 30-minute group session Mas will tap into your higher self and help you heal yourself

Retail value: $40

  • Have you been wondering why you're not attracting the results you want in life?
  • Is you life not going the way it should?
  • Are you stuck in the same old self defeating patterns?
  • Have you been ill ever since you can remember and nobody can figure out why?

Find out what’s holding you back and most importantly, create a new paradigm to make rapid change possible so you start living your most optimum life. You will literally feel the shift as Mas works on you either remotely via phone or one-on-one. Many have experienced and reported a definite shift towards growth in their area of concern in just one session.

Two Spiritual Truth Tele-Forums (LIVE)

Come join Mas in this fun filled 2-part Tele-Forum to be enlightened beyond belief and find out the truth (2.5 Hours total 1& 1/4 hours each)

In each series segment Mas will do a group healing/meditation based on your questions and answered through higher levels of consciousness.

In this 2-part tele-forum, Mas will share his journey of his two near death experiences and how he was catapulted to higher realms to a level very few have reached, realms where miracles can and do happen.

During these two live calls, ask your own personal questions about spirituality, God and connections to other realms where healing and all encompassing abundance occurs without effort. He will answer your most burning questions with clarity and instill within you a deep understanding of the meaning you were searching for. You will understand the answer from an intellectual perspective and realize it at a deeper heart level.

Link to schedule for teleseminar will be provided to you upon purchase.

Special Offers B

Vibrancy Sessions: Mind/Body/Spirit

Selected from Mas’s powerful healing library, these three energy-encoded vibrancy sessions are grouped together to instill in you the frequency of the Pure Source and integrate the limitless power of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Conquering the Mind: Healing Fear

Imagine how your life would be like in business, relationships, health, etc. if you were to live without fear? What would life be like if that limitless perspective were your reality? Mas works to instill in you the frequency of fearlessness. With a guided exercise to bypass mental limitations caused by conditioned fears and unconscious anxieties - the fears that have been holding you back will dissipate painlessly.

You may use it as a guided meditation, or play it on low volume in a loop throughout the day or night for the Pure Source frequency immersion.

Rejuvenating the Body: Anti-Aging

This Anti-Aging session was requested by the audience at one of Mas’s events and recorded on location. (The requests in audience's voice were not recorded but) the healing frequency addressed all their concerns. It’s a Vibrancy Session of pure frequency healing where Mas works on these requests to slow down the deterioration of the brain cells, maintain telomere length, restore youthfulness, etc…

This edition has never been release is not one of the existing Frequency Spa sessions

You may use it as a guided meditation, or play it on low volume in a loop throughout the day or night for the Pure Source frequency immersion.

Enlightening the Spirit: Connection to the Pure Source

A fearless mind and a youthful body alone cannot sustain permanency without a strong connection to the Pure Source. This third session completes the Body/Mind/Spirit foundation to empower us to experience the beauty of our earthly existence fearlessly as a spiritual being.

You may use it as a guided meditation, or play it on low volume in a loop throughout the day or night for the Pure Source frequency immersion.

Word of caution: For some the paradigm shift maybe too great
Do not take part if you are not ready for rapid change in your life

Special Offers A
21-Day Medi-Healing Intensive (LIVE)


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Special Offers B
Vibrancy Sessions: Mind/Body/Spirit


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